Rev. Patrick Rogers, S.J.

Contact Information:                                       
Phone:  202-687-4000

Apostolic and Academic Pursuits:
After spending many years as Director of Campus Ministry, Main Campus, Fr. Rogers is now fully engaged in researching and writing his doctoral thesis for Georgetown’s School of Continuing Studies.  His focus is the ancient Christian and Germanic roots of the Grimms’ fairy tales.  

Before entering the Society of Jesus, Fr. Rogers earned a degree in clarinet performance at Towson University and his time was dedicated to studying, performing and teaching music.  He is still passionate about any and all types of music and music-making.  Also an avid sportsman, he enjoys playing bastketball and tennis and coached the latter for many  years.  His love of college basketball hasn’t diminished, and he still laces up for an occasional pickup game or a set of tennis.  

Interesting Facts:
Fr. Rogers was blessed to study with and play saxophone for jazz legend Hank Levy, whose pieces composed in exotic time signatures made him one of the most original composers of the late 20th century.  Levy’s “Whiplash” was the title track for the academy-award-winning film of the same name.  
An Annapolis native, Fr. Rogers is the youngest of 11 children and has a twin brother named Peter.