Rev. Gerard J. McGlone, S.J.

Rev. Gerard J. McGlone

Contact Information:
Berkley Center Research Fellows
All things Spanish: Picasso, Goya,  Cervantes, Theresa of Avila, Juan de la Cruz, and St. Ignatius. True Philly Phanatic. Impressionism and painting. Sports especially hockey. Opera and Springsteen. Classical music and classic rock. Cooking. Experiences of awe.
Interesting Facts:
I attended the first Christmas Eve Mass of then newly elected Pope John Paul II. Incidentally, I happened to be seen by my parents on the TV broadcast of the mass back in the States!
Favorite Books:
One Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabriel Garcia Marquez; Don Quixote by Cervantes- in Spanish of course. 
Favorite Quote:
“At the climax of ‘The Dream of Gerontius’ the soul, approaching heaven, perceives something of the divine vision: a grand mysterious harmony:
It floods me, like the deep and solemn sound of many waters. Harmony requires difference.
The concept rests at the very heart of Christian theology in the concept of the Trinity. “