Rev. Robert Kaslyn, S.J.

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Interesting Facts:
Fr. Kaslyn is the Dean of the Ecclesiastical Faculty and the O’Brien Professor of Canon Law at Catholic University Law School.  He joined the faculty there in 2001.  Previously, he taught canon law at the Weston School of Theology in Cambridge, MA, and served as a judge of the Diocesan Tribunal in Worcester, MA.  

Apostolic Pursuits: 
In addition to serving as Dean, Fr. Kaslyn teaches General Norms, Ordained Ministry, Vatican II and the Code of Canon Law.  He is also involved in canonical advocacy, advising institutions, civil law firms and individuals on various issues including the law on consecrated life, matrimonial law, and the exercise and protection of rights and obligations.

English history, especially events broadly connected with The Diary of Samuel Pepys; Australia; and the British television series Spooks